Every tissue in our body has inherent regeneration potential; we are naturally targeted towards self-healing. Information or intention in the form of mechanical vibrations (sounds) and electromagnetic signals can be delivered to cells and organs to help enhance the natural self- healing ability. For example, We have shown that human adult stem cells and human somatic (non-stem) cells can be reprogrammed back to an embryonic-like state with electromagnetic fields and sound vibrations.

We are using vibrational signatures from natural sources such as coherent heart rhythms or the acoustic-range vibrations produced by stem cells in different experimental conditions to modulate human stem cell biology.

We are sponsoring transdisciplinary projects where artists are composing melodies and rhythmic percussions inspired by biological rhythms and sounds. In turn, we are investigating whether these artistic expressions may be able to talk to our stem cells in vitro and affect well being/self healing pathways in vivo in human subjects.




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