VID art|science sponsors a number of projects for cultivating wholeness and well-being through returning to Nature. Through recognizing our intrinsic oneness with Nature, we explore the healing potential of natural vibrational environments, and engage in research on ancient medical traditions and the effects on our biology elicited by sacred sites.

Our scientific research in this area focuses on how natural healing processes can be activated through contact with Nature, reducing stress and negative emotions, and promoting a positive outlook.

We also investigate the effects produced by healing gardens, natural spaces designed to enhance healing and wellbeing. We have proposed several lines of study involving how natural environments and vibrations may enhance well-being. For our studies in vibrational medicine suggest that the regenerative potential of stem cells can be enhanced and even directed towards specific outcomes by exposure to specific sounds and musical forms that are intrinsic to cellular function.

We support a project aimed at installing healing gardens in urban and health care environments to investigate whether the healing experience may be enhanced through bringing Nature into these settings. Environmental factors, physiological and psychological states, and behaviors or conditions tied to nature have been shown to have implications for specific physical and mental health outcomes.




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