At VID art|science we are involved in the creation of innovative multisensory environments inspired by the collaboration between artists and scientists.
These multisensory environments use light, sound, performance, innovative fibers and other installation techniques to provide an opportunity to explore the unity of visual arts, music, movement, theatre, scientific concepts, and multicultural expressions.
We’ve created environments using advanced textiles that function interactively, responding to sounds, movement, etc., to reflect the structure and vibratory function of the cellular cytoskeleton. Through direct interaction with the installation environment, individuals and groups are able to experience the artistic-scientific metaphors in an embodied manner.



14may11:45Human Body MelodiesCentenario Società Italiana Musica Contemporanea

15may11:0012:00Cell Melodies: Partitura per un Codice Morfogenetico e di Autoguarigione


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