At VID art|science we recognize that the wisdom and practices of non-Western cultures can often inform contemporary research. For example, the methods of Chinese and Indo-Tibetan medical systems have often been shown to be effective, and the concepts of physiology from these systems can inform new ideas in modern research. These systems view the body-mind- spirit as an interconnected whole, suggesting that contemporary notions of systems biology and biological informatics may bring about a new view of health and well-being.

We are studying the diverse systems of medicine that have evolved around the globe. Many of these systems view life as being inherently interconnected with the environment, and have often developed sophisticated understandings of healing with plants. At VID, Artists and Scientists are investigating the effects produced on human stem cell homeodynamics by traditional healing sounds and rhythms developed in traditional societies.

At VID art|science we are exploring how sacred places/geometries and prayer may affect our consciousness and biological dynamics. We are creating healing spaces and art installations that integrate sounds, movement and visual arts to provide an experience of interconnectedness.



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