TCCHE - The conference for Consciousness and Human Evolution 2020

augTCCHE - The conference for Consciousness and Human Evolution 2020

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On August 26th, 2020, Dr. Carlo Ventura will be a speaker at “The Conference for Consciousness and Human Evolution (TCCHE)”. Every year TCCHE represent an international event bringing together Science, Humanity, Spirituality and Mysticism, with renowned Speakers from all over the world.

For about 1 hr, Carlo will start talking at 9 pm (Italy Time), then answering online to questions arising from the audience. In his talk, he will focus on how electromagnetic fields, light radiation and sound energies can be used to reprogram our tissue-resident stem cells where they already are, in all tissues of our body, paving the way to a regenerative medicine without the needs for cells or tissue transplantation. He will describe how these achievements will boost our inherent self-healing potential. Not only this. He will be highlighting that vibrations, sounds, movement and colors (colors are a visible form of the electromagnetic spectrum) have always been the Instruments for human Arts. Both Arts and Science appear as unfolding manifestations of the Human Consciousness. Born within the Oneness of the same Field in the Universe, they had been separated for too long in recent history. In his speech, Carlo will talk about Cell Melodies I (2016) and Cell Melodies II (2019), two world premier events created by VID art|science, showing that artistic manifestations can talk to the innermost dynamics of our biology. This is a major conductor Theme in VID art|science, where Artists and Scientists afford a trans-disciplinary endeavor Bridging Art and Science for Deciphering novel Trans-coding Body Writing and Signatures.
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